Pipeline Services

Pipeline Maintenance & Construction

EMS provides highly qualified personnel and equipment to pipeline owners & operators, delivering services to support their Integrity Management Plans (IMP). These plans are filed with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and represent how the pipeline owner/operator will assure the integrity of the asset. Part of the IMP is to assess threats to the pipeline and take proactive steps to prevent a failure and spill. Results from inspection runs by "smartpigs", which are run through the pipeline to identify metal loss from corrosion, or deformation from strikes upon the line (excavation by 3rd parties), require repair to regain the integrity of the pipeline. EMS personnel are dispatched to sites where there are integrity threats along the pipeline to complete these repairs. All EMS personnel are certified in accordance with DOT regulations (Operator Qualification "OQ") to perform the tasks they are assigned. Repairs range in scope from complete line replacement to sleeves or patches to repair a section of pipe. EMS delivers pipeline maintenance services to the gathering, transmission and distribution markets. EMS also works inside refineries, petrochemical and power plants providing these same repair and maintenance services.

EMS also provides new installation services to customers installing new pipelines and associated surface facilities such as compression, pumping and metering. EMS is the largest installer of pipeline compression in the US, having installed over 650,000 HP over the past 4 years. Tied closely to the Measurement & Automation group, EMS installs hundreds of miles of gathering systems each year. Most of these pipelines are between 4" and 12" in diameter and range from 1 to 10 miles. 

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