EHS Program

At Energy Maintenance Services, control of accidents goes hand-in-hand with productivity, cost containment,quality of service and employee morale.

Managers and supervisors at all levels are entrusted with primary responsibility for the safety and well being of all persons who come under their jurisdiction. Safety is never to be viewed as an afterthought. Rather, it is to be designed into each and every job performed in the work unit. It is also monitored and evaluated as carefully as any other element of the job efficiency or effectiveness.

At the same time, it is the individual employee's responsibility to assume a working partnership with his/her management team in safety related matters. Only the employee can put safe practices into daily operation. Through this spirit of cooperation, every employee in the Company will receive the benefits of working in a safe environment.

Statement of Safety Principles
We therefore:
• Endeavor to design, build and operate our facilities in compliance with all applicable safety laws and regulations
• Train our employees on safety issues relating to their jobs
• Regularly evaluate and document our performance
• Participate in programs which promote understanding of safety issues
• Support research in technologies and practices which can improve safety performance
• Support projects and organizations that conserve natural resources
• Participate in legislative and regulatory processes in order to contribute toward effective and well-founded laws and regulations