24 Hour Pipeline Operations Control Center

Friday, June 1, 2012

Energy Maintenance Services (EMS USA, Inc.) offers streamlined data management through the EMS Control Center, the industry's only independent control center. Here, we provide 24/7 pipeline operations and real-time monitoring for multiple systems and parameters that you set. For accurate, efficient, and effective natural gas measurement we use PGAS® software, and offer chart integrators and a unique, SCADA-driven WebView database, so you can view charts, reports, and statements with any medium you choose. 

  • Remote Pipeline Operations
  • Remote Facilities Operations
  • Analog/Discrete Control Point Operations for Units/Values
  • Compressor Start/Stop
  • Flow Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Remotely Operated Valves (ROV)
  • Notifications Of Abnormal Operating Conditions
  • Alarm Monitoring/Alarm Notification/ Alarm Redirection
  • One Call Notification
  • Emergency One Calls
  • Field Service Call Outs
  • Operator Qualified/Control Room Management
  • Back Up Facilities (24/7/365)
  • Remote Laptops For Evacuation Purposes
  • WebView for 24/7 Customer viewing with real time data
  • Easy to use CLEAR SCADA Development to meet customer needs
  • Office users
  • Field/Technician users
  • PDA applications available
  • I-Phone, I Pad, Droid